Bathroom Slip And Falls

Tripping or slipping can lead to falls, which for some, it is not something of great concern, but statistics show that slip and falls occur in great numbers on a day to day basis. Victims of fall accidents are seeking personal injury lawyers daily. The elderly fall in the millions that often times lead to lead to severe injuries every year. 80% of the falls that occur for those aged 65 and up occur while they were in the bathroom. Along with the elderly, people aged 15 and up are also likely to suffer a slip and fall accident. It was estimated that about 235,000 people over the age of 15 arrive at an emergency room for injuries related to a slip/trip accident annually. 14 percent of that number remains hospitalized.

Fall-Proofing the Bathrooms

Bathroom falls are one of the most common slips and fall accidents for obvious reasons. Bathrooms can have many wet surfaces and where there are wet surfaces, accidents are more likely to happen especially if there were no slip-resistant materials in place. Percy Martinez Law firm suggests these following tips in preventing slip/trip in bathrooms:

  • Having more visibility during the dark like nightlights
  • The installation of grab bars in the bathtub/shower and near the toilet to assist with getting up and maintaining balance
  • Eliminate all soapy buildup in the bathtub that can later become slippery upon contact with water
  • Using slip-resistance mats in and out the shower or bathtub
  • The best way to prevent leaks onto the bathroom floor is if the person as a shatterproof glass door shower. If this shower is not available, then placing an inside and outside curtain in the tub can help to prevent leaks as well
  • Using a bath step if the bathtub or shower cannot be accessed with ease
  • Avoid bending to pick up a soap bar that fell by using liquid soap
  • Disorientation can come from an imperfect vision. Regularly checking a person’s sight is recommended to assess the problem immediately
  • The preservation of balance can come from regular exercise
  • The door of the bathroom should swing outwards

With all the hard surfaces that a bathroom has, slipping and falling there can have disastrous consequences such as, internal bleeding, broken hips, and other severe injuries that can take a long time to recover from, and even then, a person may never fully recover. With the use of the tips that have been provided above, bathroom slip and falls can be greatly reduced, especially for the elderly. It is important that they protect themselves as they have reached an age where they are more vulnerable to be extremely injured and may require more time to recover than would a younger person.

Bathroom Slip and Fall Miami Personal Injury Attorneys

Anyone who has fallen in their bathroom and suffered severe injuries may believe that they have no case, that is not true. Sometimes, a slip and fall can happen for many reasons. If the owner of the property knew that there was an unsafe hazard in the bathroom and did nothing to fix it, then they can be held liable. Property owners are responsible for leaks in a home. Also, those who manufactured the bathroom materials may have done so incorrectly, also holding them accountable.

Those unsure have nothing to lose by calling a Miami personal injury lawyer from Percy Martinez Law firm for their free consultation. The firm will evaluate the case and determine whether someone could be held liable.

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