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A Conviction May Not be the Final Word on Your Case

Hearing a judge or jury render a guilty verdict can be a heart-wrenching experience, especially when you are innocent of the charges against you. When so much was riding on a more favorable outcome, that guilty verdict can dramatically impact your freedom, and your future. Fortunately, a conviction or guilty verdict may not be the final word on your case – you may have the right to appeal a verdict against you.

As an experienced Killeen appeals lawyer and former prosecutor, I, Bobby Dale Barina, have the skills and knowledge needed to help you file an appeal of a ruling against you. My knowledge of the law allows me to carefully review your case and offer advice on existing grounds for appeal.

The most common reasons for filing an appeal include:

  • Defense evidence that was omitted
  • Poor defense representation
  • Mistakes or misconduct on behalf of the prosecution
  • Inadmissible evidence or testimony being allowed during a hearing

Don’t wait to contact an appeals & criminal defense attorney.

If you have been found guilty of a crime, you have a limited time to file an appeal of the ruling. Immediately upon the completion of your case, contact my office to begin the appeals process. As a experienced Harker Heights criminal attorney, I will conduct a thorough review of your case, including the charges and evidence against you, the actions of defense attorneys and the prosecution, and any rulings made by the judge.

Any evidence of misconduct or overlooked defense opportunities will be used to make your case for an appeal.

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