If you have a criminal arrest or charge on your record, it may hold you back from employment and educational opportunities. It may limit your ability to get a loan, live where you want and to obtain a professional license. Expungements and nondisclosure orders are legal means of erasing, or at least limiting, the visibility of a criminal record, and can help you put a criminal charge in the past.

I am Bobby Dale Barina, a criminal law attorney serving clients in Harker Heights, Killeen and throughout Bell County. I have more than 20 years of experience handling expungements, orders of nondisclosure and other criminal law matters. As a board-certified criminal defense lawyer, I am prepared to protect your rights and your future.


Expungements are available when an arrest did not lead to a finding of guilt and for certain Class C misdemeanors. Expungements effectively erase a criminal arrest and all records associated with it. If you are granted an expungement, you can truthfully state that the arrest did not occur when filling out official forms.

Orders Of Nondisclosure

Orders of nondisclosure are available to people who have been granted a deferred adjudication probation. Nondisclosure orders are generally easier to obtain than expungements, but offer less robust protections. If you are granted an order of nondisclosure, private citizens and businesses will not be able to see a charge on your criminal record, but it will still be available to law enforcement officials.

If you are seeking an expungement or nondisclosure order, it is important to hire an attorney who knows the procedures for obtaining these legal orders in your county. I have extensive experience handling expungements and nodisclosures for clients in Bell County and throughout surrounding areas. I can handle all of the legal details and guide you through the process.

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