How Public Will Your Arrest Be If Charged With A Crime In Texas?

Is Your Work Going To Find Out? Friends? Family? How Does That Play Out?

It all really depends on what type of case it is. For instance, the DWIs we’ve been talking about go on your driving record. If part of your job is to drive a vehicle or a truck for the company, the insurance company is going to want to know about a DWI arrest. Some places keep track of how people operate those vehicles and how they drive even when they’re not at work. So your work will find out if part of what you do for them is drive.

If it’s a regular misdemeanor case, it’s rare that everybody’s going to find out unless it’s a work-related issue. If you’re in the military, those guys read the blotter, the arrests, and the detentions that come out from local law enforcement every day. Most people don’t hear about cases because they are not publicized, though. Once you get to court, there are so many people in the hallways, but the only people in the courtroom are the people taking care of their case. They don’t have enough time and energy to worry about somebody else’s case. Your friends and family will usually find out if the defendant has told them. If it’s a first degree felony or something unique like a murder case or a case where a child is kidnapped or anything dramatic that just shocks you to hear about, then that might be played out in the media. That results in everybody in the local community learning about it if they pay attention to the news.

What About An Arrest Relating To A Sex Crime Charge? Is That Going To Be A Little Bit More Public?

Generally, if a sex crime case goes to jury trial — and they usually do — then it’ll be reported on. Generally, though, cases are pled out or resolved prior to trial. If that happens, then it’s usually just a note in the paper that the judge gave somebody a sentence or approved a plea bargain for a sentence. Sometimes that has the defendant’s name but not often. It just surprises so many people that sex crimes are cases that go to court all the time. So they are generally not reported on specifically because they’re just one of many types of cases.

If You Have To Register On The Sex Offender List, Then Obviously Notifications Go Out, Correct?

Well, the notifications go out but they don’t go out very far, to a lot of the people and then to the community. If it’s related to somebody who is of school age, it goes to teachers and administrators and the school district for the protection of the people around them. But people really don’t pay a whole lot of attention to those notifications. When you get on the website or you use a local mobile app that looks for sex offenders in that area, people really become surprised. Every time somebody uses it, they say the same thing: “Wow, I didn’t know that this person is living over there.” There’s just so much information that goes on around this. There is always a chance that it’ll go public but it doesn’t usually become that public. Some people will find out but it’s not just overwhelming to the point where everybody is going to know.

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