What Could Possibly Lead To A Drug Charge In Texas?

Police Can Execute A Search Of The Car Or The Home Without A Warrant In Texas If They Suspect There Might Be Drugs On The Premises

A lot of times they can but they really base it on the circumstances. For instance, the officer walks up to the car and he sees what he believes is evidence of someone being intoxicated behind the wheel of the car and driving. He’ll have that person exit the vehicle. They may begin to notice the scent of marijuana and he says, “Okay. Let’s take another closer look at this” and the scene begins to provide him with additional evidence to make a search on it.

If the officer leans into the car and he sees marijuana, heroin or cocaine residue or even packaging, that gives even more reason to enter the vehicle. However, without any clues, hints, or anything that could reasonably cause suspicion of an offense, then no. they cannot enter the vehicle or home without a warrant. In that case he would need a warrant or he would have to put in to words why he’s there.

A Passenger In A Motor Vehicle Could Receive A Drug Related Charge Even If It’s Not Their Vehicle, Or It’s Not Physically On Them

There are some places in a vehicle where a person or passenger would have greater control over than the driver, or the owner of the vehicle. For instance, if the drugs are right behind the driver between the seats of the occupant and there is a small baggie of controlled substance or marijuana, then it’s reasonable to look at that and say, “That’s their place of control, therefore it’s their illegal substances, it’s their controlled substance, their drugs, their narcotics, their marijuana.”

Therefore, a passenger can absolutely receive a drug related charge in that type of situation. In the case if it’s on the passenger’s side by the door or inside the door, then that person has a greater control over that limited area. They could be charged and then found guilty of possession of a controlled substance.

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