What Types Of Criminal Defense Cases Do You Handle?

What Are The Most Common Types Of Criminal Defense Cases You Handle?

Really, when you get down to the bread and butter or the meat and potatoes of it, the cases that recur over and over and over are unfortunately DWIs or DUIs. DUI in Texas is driving under the influence, and that’s 21 years of age or less. If they have any detectable alcohol in their system, then they can be charged with DUI. If they’re over that age, then they would have to have a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or the loss of the normal use of their mental and physical faculties. Those are the bigger cases. Possession of marijuana (you see those cases in the misdemeanor courts constantly), domestic violence, and assault cases are really the biggest ones on the misdemeanor side.

When you get into the felony side, it’s possession of a controlled substance, whatever that might be in that timeframe. Sometimes, a meth crisis will go on for years, meaning methamphetamine or crystal meth, and then it’ll be cocaine or heroin, if they’re making a comeback, in which case it’s easier to make and distribute those things. Those are the cases you see most often.

Do You Also Represent Military Clients Often? What Kinds Of Services Do You Offer Them Being So Close To The Base?

Well, they have a number of concerns. When you’re subject to the uniform code of military justice, you can also be tried in the military courts, and that’s an entirely different process that involves dealing with the articles. There’s Article 15, involving the things you keep in house or in your company, and in your take and command, all the way to Article 32, a hearing for probable cause for a general court-martial. We’re always trying to keep our eyes on how anything we do in this case is going to affect them. Right now, we’re dealing with the downturn and downsizing of the American military.

So you have a lot of people who would be separated just basically on the accusation of a case. If it’s a case of domestic violence or a case that’s a misunderstanding, what we try to do then is to move as quickly as possible to get investigators in there to get some statements taken, so we can turn to their chain of command to say, “This is being taken care of,” or, “This isn’t somebody you need to separate from his military obligations based on the accusation.” Then we talk about counseling and getting them into something that we know the American military complex is really keen on. If it’s something to do with sexual harassment, another sexual crime, or even a misunderstanding, we make sure that we get that person into counseling as soon as possible so we alleviate concerns about how they talk to individuals.

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