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Ensuring the Validity of Breath & Blood Test Evidence in DWI Cases

In many DWI cases, the prosecution’s only real evidence stems from their blood alcohol concentration test results. Whether these results are obtained through a breathalyzer or a similar device, or even through a blood draw, the strength of the prosecution’s case often lies in the validity of the results themselves. If you have been charged with a DWI, it is important to ensure that any and all evidence against you is valid, and that the prosecution is able to uphold its burden of proving your guilt.

As a Harker Heights DWI lawyer and former prosecutor, I, Bobby Dale Barina, have the skills and knowledge needed to help you defend yourself against DWI charges. My work on both sides of the criminal justice system gives me insight into the prosecution process, and allows me to seek answers to important questions regarding the test results and testing method, including:

  • Was the testing equipment properly functioning and recently calibrated?
  • Was the test administered 100% correctly?
  • Was the test administered in the proper amount of time?
  • Were any other issues present that may have skewed the test results?
  • Was the person administering the test properly trained?

Finding the answers to these questions can provide invaluable information that can be used to contest your charges, prove your innocence, or even apply pressure on the prosecution to reduce or dismiss all charges against you. My experience as a criminal defense lawyer allows me to conduct a thorough review of your case and ensure that every piece of useful information is uncovered during your defense proceedings.

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