Are Most People Surprised By The Collateral Consequences Of A DWI?

They are absolutely surprised, but it is one of those things where good people get caught doing something that could be a once in a lifetime problem in a social setting environment. Suddenly they seem unbalanced and everything seems to be getting topsy turvy and they never really sat down and thought about what these collateral consequences that go with a DWI conviction could mean for them. The more we start to talk about it in our initial consultation, our first interview; they are very shocked by how this will have a permanent long lasting effect on them, their lives socially and professionally.

How Does A DWI Conviction Impact Someone From A Financial Standpoint?

You really should not start with a conviction, but what happens first. They are accused of a DWI, they are arrested and taken to the police station and then they are taken to jail. The first thing they have to do is arrange for bond and possibly miss a day of work while they are trying to get set up and have someone bond them out. A bond is money that is used by a professional bondsman, where they put up the fee and you use whatever collateral you have. You must sign documents that can be recorded with the property that you are putting up as collateral. For instance, if you put up your real property they could file that as collateral notice that puts a lien against your real property. It goes in effect immediately.

The second thing is if you are ever convicted of a DWI, your insurance rates will go up. You are more dangerous now than other drivers and actuary tables are going to say that somebody in your situation can have an accident more often. The fines themselves can reach thousands of dollars, the classes that you have to take to keep your driver’s license will cost you time and money and the lost opportunity of wages ways a heavy toll. Probation has to be paid each and every month and then the fees that go with that court cost. Right now in Texas in my area, you are going to pay $249 in court costs from the very beginning because it is a DWI.

How Can DWI Charges Potentially Impact Travel To Other Countries?

When you look at the ability to travel; each country has their own set of rules on who they want to enter into their countries. It is different for every country, but they always want to say the same thing. They do not want people who are convicted of a crime coming to their country. Canada is always well known for this, because it is right next door. One of our former presidents could not travel to Canada because he had a DWI conviction when he was a young man. When he went to give a presentation, he had to have special permission from Canada to be able to enter the country. Anybody else who has a DWI conviction would not have been able to enter, because they would not have been able to get that kind of permission. So, when you are looking at international travel you do have to know if you are able to enter that country. If you are charged with a DWI and knowingly entering their country illegally, it could have long lasting effects on your life, possibly incarceration outside the country.

What Are Some Security Clearances That Might Be Affected By A DWI Conviction?

When looking at security clearances you are looking at all different types of questions that center on one thing. Is this person to be trusted and trusted with sensitive information and how do we look at whether we trust somebody. We look at their decision making abilities, we look to see if they are possibly open to coercion, to being blackmailed for things that people do not know. Just from the beginning, the judgment of not being able to calculate the effect of alcohol on one’s person, committing a crime and putting other people at risk, that alone could be interpreted as simply bad judgment. Nobody wants someone with bad judgment to have any security clearances.

The second part, it is a crime, no matter what. All crimes always counts against security clearances, they do not want those individuals and when looking at Central Texas, my area, we have a large military presence in Bell County Texas in Fort-Hood. If you were to get a DWI here, even an accusation of one is enough to drum you out of the service. There are so many other people that are qualified for the job that have not been in any trouble. Why take the risk on somebody who is going down the trail of a possibly a DWI conviction or another one at that.

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