Can Renting A Car Impact Someone’s Livelihood?

When you rent a car, you really are borrowing it for some time, based on a payment program and you are going to return the car in working condition and hopefully the very same condition in which you borrowed it. They are not going to be able to insure that car if they are giving their car out to people who have been convicted of a DWI due to the higher risk. When you are on bond for a DWI that is a high risk insurance issue and SR-22 is the type of high risk insurance we are looking for, but when you are looking at a fleet of vehicles as a rental company would do so, they just really cannot work with individuals who have DWI records.

They are looking at the norm, they are looking at people and now you are the one who is not in the norm. It does not make for good business decisions for the company to rent you a vehicle. So no, they are not going to rent a vehicle to you. If you drive a vehicle for work, and they review the insurance policies once a year, they are looking at all the people who drive a vehicle for that company and they will see what employees have poor driving record issues; so no, they will not be covered

Now that fleet of vehicles is not covered by any insurance. You look at people with large companies who have to travel to a location to assess the needs of the consumer and sell the product, well if they cannot drive the company car, and then he is not going to be employed there.

How Can A DWI Conviction Impact A Child Custody Case?

It depicts poor judgment. It shows that you were involved in risky activity and when you are consuming alcohol, you are perfectly aware of the possibility that will affect operating a motor vehicle. But yet, you chose to enter in to that kind of context freely and voluntarily. Perhaps it just goes too far, but it shows judgment. When you get arrested and convicted of a DWI, what it really is saying is that this person, I as a judge, does not want to trust this person driving a child anywhere in a motor vehicle. So the visitation may be modified. Is this the person I trust to raise this child and be a good parent, but now not so much, their judgement has been tainted?

Are they going to be law abiding? In the adoption, you must have a social history study, a background check for each individual. You want to be on your best behavior. The last thing you want to do is have this judge confronted with this lingering possibility that something may go wrong. Perhaps it was not a social event that this individual was drinking at, it could have been an event that caused the drinking, sadness, some trauma, some loss or any issue that they may be working through and why would I want to take that chance on them. You do not.

How Can A DWI Conviction Impact Your Ability To Enroll In A Professional Licensing Program?

You do not necessarily get kicked out of the program once you are in, but after you are done with that program, you have to be able to take the boards that go along with that professional license. Each professional license in Texas has their qualifications, the ability to apply and take the test. Our Texas government is always concerned about the possibilities of having someone, what we would say a hangover, but, be under the influence of anything come into any professional license program. These folks are required to administer medications and shots. They have to keep to strict confidential and important medical information; it cannot prevent you from getting in the program, but most likely it might.

If you are already in the program, it cannot prevent you from actually sitting for your boards. Another poor example is if you are already in an established field. Your insurance carrier is not going to want to cover somebody who has shown poor judgment, who has now been convicted and is labeled as a criminal? They do not want to have that on their record, because what if something goes wrong or is that provider, be it a hospital, and be it a private clinic somehow liable because they had you there. They do not want that kind of liability in an employee.

To renew your license you have to be able to pass. What kind of person are you? That can be reviewed at the time of your renewal. You could have been in that profession for a few years and suddenly is unable to continue in that profession.

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