What Professions Are Impacted By A DWI Conviction In Texas?

For an attorney, if you are in private practice your malpractice carrier will obviously be very concerned about it, as attorneys we do look at it a little bit different as a high stressed job, we have a number of programs that attorneys can go to, and deal with substance abuse if that is the problem. We are dealing with paperwork and things of that nature after the fact. Whereas medical staff, that is a whole new ballgame. Do you want somebody under the influence? If you have that problem they are looking to say I do not care if it is a onetime event or if it is a many events, we are going to separate you from our profession.

It is a self-policing situation, when they want to keep their reputation beyond reproach, when somebody comes in they feel comfortable knowing they are going to get the best advice and best possible care no matter where they are as long as that person is a licensed physician or a lawyer. For the military, you are dealing with all kinds of issues, security clearance, judgment calls all sort of things. It is just not in their best interest to keep you when they have so many other people that are available to do the job.

Do People Have Problems Maintaining Scholarship Programs After A DWI Conviction?

Absolutely. We are dealing with scholarships. They are looking for the very best person they can find. They are looking for a role model to participate in athletic events or scholarly individuals to represent their universities. So when you are looking at it again, they are not going to want to deal with anyone who already has a mark against their record. For scholarships absolutely, it can knock you out of the ball park immediately. They are going to look at your record, and they are going to examine it. It can be a deal breaker. They can use that to say no, we rather take another student that is perhaps equally qualified and this is the one difference. They will say we do not really want this individual, maybe he has two DWIs, maybe he has a drinking problem, and maybe he did not complete his probation successfully. No, we do not want him on our campus.

What Are Some Consequences Related To A Felony DWI Conviction?

When you look at firearms, each state does it differently. But, once you have had a conviction on your record and it is a misdemeanor that is enough to disqualify you. You are not the person they are looking for. Now that does not disqualify you from ownership, but the concealed carry, the open carry possibilities, those are gone. If it is a felony DWI, now you have a felony conviction and you are not entitled to carry a weapon at any time and so these things kind of build on themselves.

When you deal with any felony it falls under federal law as well, because now you are a convicted felon. That name really matters a lot because the civil opportunities are gone at that point so then on a jury your ability to receive employment is totally changed now without any question. When you look at these things though, any time you have been convicted of an offense you are looking at the possibility of probation or jail time. Those are the long lasting consequences of life changing events. Now you actually have to live under somebody else’s rules, you have your freedom curtailed. It is not a pleasant experience.

What Consequences Can A CDL Holder Face For A DWI Conviction?

If you have a DWI conviction you will never be able to obtain a CDL again. Some extraordinary circumstances may give you a pardon of some kind. When you are looking at a CDL license, you are looking at somebody who is equipped to travel down the highway with a tractor and a fifty three foot trailer weighing tons. They are absolutely not going to be allowed to do that with a DWI, because now you have shown that you travel on our Texas public highways intoxicated. We definitely do not want someone driving a truck that has experienced or has shown this behavior before and that they have travelled on our roads intoxicated, particularly when they are behind an 18 wheeler.

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