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Being charged with a DWI, especially a repeat offense, can leave you with many questions and not even close to enough answers. If you have been arrested for a repeat offense DWI, you are facing greatly increased penalties, which can greatly harm your future and your freedom. This makes it extremely important to consult an experienced drunk driving attorney as quickly as possible after you have been charged.

As an experienced Killeen multiple DWI defense lawyer and former prosecutor, I, Bobby Dale Barina, have the skills and knowledge needed to help you mount the strongest possible defense against all your charges. My work on both sides of the criminal justice system has provided me the ability to offer the advice you will need to understand all your charges, the potential penalties you face, your defense options, and what you can likely expect from your proceedings.

I work to help you make strong defense decisions.

Repeat offense DWI convictions can lead to serious consequences, including:

  • Hefty fines
  • Lengthy jail terms
  • Lengthy license suspension / revocation
  • Mandatory alcohol counseling
  • Probation

In an effort to help you make the strongest possible defense decisions, I will carefully review your case and offer my opinions on your available defense options. All of my advice will be tailored directly to your specific case and your ultimate goals. Once we have worked together to plan your defense strategy, I will work diligently to pursue the most favorable resolution possible to your case.

Start planning your defense immediately.

When you have been arrested for a repeat offense DUI, it is important to begin planning your defense immediately – the longer you wait, the more challenging it will be to protect yourself from unnecessary damage which can be done by a conviction.

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