How Can Someone Defend A DUI Charge In Texas?

How Often Are Charges, Fines, Jail time, Or Other Punishments Reduced In A DUI?

That happens very often. We meet with the client, examine the facts, look at the scene where it occurred and then try to determine what the best course of action is but it’s very client-intensive.

Some of them are readily apparent and police are stuck with them. They film the defendant on the roadway and the scene of the offense, they film them at the police station, and they film them when they were getting booked into jail, etc. Attorneys really can’t do anything about that except to look at them and explain what is going on.

Once the office of Bobby Barina gets in, they start looking at how the evidence was taken to make sure everything was done properly and to highlight those things that were done improperly because when they’re done improperly, it’s the client who suffers. It’s their rights that were violated. It’s their ability to present evidence that was diminished and it’s the state’s ability to present evidence that’s not accurate.

That’s why it has to be done well in collecting the evidence and also challenging the evidence, and the Office of Bobby Barina has a great deal of success in that area. Getting the case reduced to a class C Misdemeanor takes a little time but it’s one of the options.

Similarly, when it comes to jail time, they generally don’t want to do that unless the client wants to do that because there’s really no mileage in it. If you get a straight conviction, you lose your license again. Iif you get probation, take an alcohol awareness class, you will keep your license.

The office of Bobby Barina is looking to make sure the minimum punishment is applied and the person has the best possibility to move on with their life as quick as possible.

Alternative Punishments In Texas Or Diversion Programs For First Time DUI Offenders

Not as a practice in some counties, they do have a first offenders program, but in most counties, they’ll have a deferred program that’s very small in numbers because they are looking for success. So they don’t want to take a chance on somebody that may not be able to put their full attention to it and their best effort forward.

The office of Bobby Barina can get you into a deferred program. It will take a little while and upon successful completion you won’t have the DWI conviction. Other than that, it’s just fighting the case. Community service is not really an option because it’s mandatory for all cases if a person is physically able to do it. They won’t look at community service as an option because they know you’re going to do it anyway.

In most of the areas, the deferred program or first offender program is monitored by the prosecuting office and they are able to find out everything they want in the blink of an eye about the progress.

Why Is It Important To Hire An Attorney Who Specializes in DUI Versus Self-Representation Or Using A Public Defender?

Everything is better than doing it yourself. When you are doing it yourself, you are just taking so many risks. You’re really depending on everybody else’s generosity which isn’t the best idea in any aspect of your life.

The public defender’s office has them in some areas but generally in Texas, we have the court appointed for indigents. You have to fill out some applications and prove that you make below the poverty level and at what percent and then you’re assigned an attorney off the wheel.

All public defenders are licensed in the state of Texas but they do a wide variety of things. Since they are doing a great number of cases, their volume is generally higher. They don’t have the staff to meet with you, to answer your questions, to assist you in getting all the information together or to take witness statements that can be read over. These people can be called upon to testify at trial or a sentencing hearing.

On the other hand, when you are dealing with your own attorney, you have the ability to pick that person. Usually, it’s because the two of you have had an ability to develop a relationship of trust and confidence and you’re also picking somebody who does this a lot of the time. The majority of the time that’s the main focus of their practice and that’s what you’re looking for — to be able to pick one out and find out as much information as you can about that attorney and their skill level in responding to the type of case.

Every lawyer is qualified to represent somebody, but just being qualified doesn’t make them an expert in that area. It’s the same thing when taking the example of doctors. Doctors can be qualified to do something but it doesn’t make them an expert in the areas of cardiovascular or brain diseases or cancer. You’re looking for somebody that just didn’t qualify, but is a specialist in that area.

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