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In the state of Texas, it is illegal for any occupant of a moving vehicle to possess an open container of alcohol, even if the driver is not involved in the consumption of the alcohol in question. The open container laws governing the possession of an open beer can, wine bottle, or glass containing an alcoholic beverage are difficult to understand, however, making it important that you consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with an open container offense.

I am Bobby Dale Barina, an experienced Killeen open container attorney and former prosecutor. With experience on both sides of the criminal justice system, I have the insight needed to help you understand the charges you face, the potential penalties stemming from a conviction, and the options you have for mounting your defense.

Protecting Your Future from an Open Container Conviction

Texas judges and prosecutors take a severe stance against individuals charged with possession of an open container. In fact, a conviction can result in a wide range of damaging penalties, including:

  • Fines up to $500
  • License suspension
  • Mandatory alcohol counseling and education
  • Jail time

To help you mount the strongest possible defense against your charges, I will carefully review every detail of your case in an effort to uncover information that can be used to prove your innocence or apply pressure on the prosecution to reduce or dismiss your charges. Evidence of an illegal search and seizure or a lack of physical evidence can be instrumental during plea negotiations or court trial.

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