Military Child Custody Attorney

Child custody and visitation matters can be especially complex for military servicemembers and their family members. Active duty, permanent changes of station and other factors can have a significant impact on a parent’s ability to care for and spend time with his or her children. Your child custody lawyer should be aware of these needs and well-versed in the statutes pertaining to military child custody and visitation.

Located near Fort Hood and Fort Sam Houston, I have significant experience handling military child custody matters for military servicemembers and their spouses, as well as military contractors and their family members. I am dedicated to helping my clients reach their child custody and visitation goals, while always protecting the best interests of the children involved.

Military Child Custody Considerations | Fort Hood Military Child Custody Lawyer

Military families face the same child custody considerations as any family, but there are special factors affecting these cases that need to be taken into account, for instance:

  • Child custody and visitation affected by long-distance travel
  • Custody matters when a parent is stationed in a combat zone
  • The effect of military transfer on child custody
  • Electronic communication as a supplement to visitation

Every case is unique. If you are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, your child custody situation is very different from those of servicemembers deployed to Korea or Germany. I can help you understand how the law applies in your unique situation.

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