What Experience Does Attorney Bobby Barina Have In Divorce Law?

What Is The Practice Area of Bobby Dale Barina?

Bobby Dale Barina has been a lawyer since 1991 and has been practicing family law since 1996. What really led him to do family laws is it was the part of the law that he saw people do, and it led him to help people.

Before that, he was doing criminal law only, and now he does criminal and family, but family law is his primary focus. The types of lawsuits he practices are divorce, establishment of paternity child custody, child support, terminations, and more. He is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been board certified since 2002.

What Experience Does Attorney Bobby Barina Have In Divorce Law?

Bobby Barina is a Texas super lawyer; he has a ‘cape’ in everything. If he could really dress up handling a super lawyer SL, he would. In his office he has the eagle wall, which is spread in the entire span of the office displaying every award he has been given. Every one of those was earned by having a relationship with a client that he’s learned something and made their life a little bit better.

Bobby Barina says, ‘I can point at every one of them and say, “Here is why we got it placed is because somebody came in, trust me enough to give me these resources, this money to look after that.” And I think that is so important. And I really like what I do, I really do.’

What Should Someone Expect When They Visit An Attorney For An Initial Consultation? What Sets The Law Firm of Bobby Barina Apart From Other Family Law Attorneys?

There are a lot of lawyers who do divorces. Just because someone’s qualified to do something doesn’t make them an expert. You can go to a doctor, a general practitioner; that doesn’t make them an expert to look at cancer situations, to do surgeries, and it’s the same thing in law. Just because someone’s qualified by having a bar license or a bar card, an attorney’s license on the wall, doesn’t mean they’re an expert in divorce.

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Attorney Bobby Barina is divorced, he’s gone through child custody, gone through property division. He understands how this process works and he can really bring a personal touch and a lot of experience. His law firm is dealing with these issues on a daily basis and that’s what he shares with the clients when they’re talking to him.

Sometimes, he’ll cut them off a little bit and say, “Hi, we’re getting to feel a little bit.” This isn’t the emotional context right now. But to help steer them back to what goals and objectives he can help them with, it’s that initial communication, it’s that sitting with them. You have a lot of lawyers that have the big debt that separates them.

Bobby’s firm will start off by writing stuff down. And then they’ll move over there with them and talk to them, because this really is a relationship. And that’s what the law firm is giving them. It’s a relationship with somebody who, for a short period of their life, is going to guide them through this valley of darkness, which is really the volume and certainty.

Bobby Barina’s firm is going to guide them through it from the beginning of the process to the very end, and at the very end, they’re going to understand what they went through, what happened to them, what they’ve accomplished and the rules that they’ve established on how they’re going to live their life for the foreseeable future. These things really set the firm apart from any others because of their experience.

When someone goes to another lawyer’s office, they’re going to have different experiences and different ways of meeting that out. Most people are going to get somebody who gives them a few forms, and that’s a best state to pond them off but to move them to a different phase to where they’re dealing only with the assistant who is doing all the paperwork, that’s not the relationship.

That’s what Bobby Barina will offer in that relationship. And the clients have to believe that Bobby is with them every step of the way, or they’re going to doubt the advice that he gives them.

With the given advice, it’s not just based on child winning or the position of finances in the world, it’s also that the lawyer has seen this judge before. He knows what that judge wants, because while attorneys are not able to speak to the judge privately about an ongoing case, they can surely sit in that courtroom on a daily basis and watch that judge make decisions and ask questions in cases very similar to the ones Bobby’s firm has represented.

Bobby is going to be able to tell them when they’re pushing a bad position, or when that’s just something they’re not going to get out of these goals, and he’ll be able to tell them why. They are going to have to adjust their presentation of the evidence in a little bit different manner to meet this judge’s goals.

Bobby’s office has had cases where they’ve had to spend money and tell the client, “We’re going to have to spend money to get these things put in a different form.” In other words, pie-charts and visual aids, because the connection we need to have with this judge is more in writing than it is orally.

The judge will remember it, respect it, maintain it more if he sees it in this modality and receives it instead of orally. That’s what Bobby’s firm is giving them, and if they don’t trust the attorney, then they don’t have a longstanding relationship, and there is not much the attorney can do for them. The attorney really can’t get them to buy into it about what’s best for their future as a suggestion from them.

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