What Is Domestic Violence And How Serious Is It Under Texas Law?

What Is Domestic Violence Under Texas Law?

When you speak of domestic violence, you are really talking about a multitude of things.

You first have to decide what defines dating violence and who are in those relationships. Then there is something referred to as pure domestic violence, where family members are involved in violence, such as husbands and wives. Lastly, there is what is referred to as household violence.

In all of these different scenarios, you look at the people involved and say, “Was there an action against another one of the members, be it dating, household or family members that was intended to result in physical harm, bodily assault, sexual assault?”

Going a little bit further, it could be the threat that reasonably places a member of the family or relationship in fear of imminent physical bodily harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault,. However, it doesn’t include the measure to protect oneself. This is how family and domestic violence is examined.

How Serious Are Domestic Violence Allegations?

Domestic violence allegations are extremely serious. No one wants to be known as a person who harms those you are supposed to be in an intimate and loving relationship with. These allegations really will put a stain on your reputation.

Domestic violence is both misdemeanor and felony. When you go to jail for a misdemeanor, you can generally get out or will be arraigned relatively quickly. However, a lot of counties do not have the opportunity to get you out quicker for misdemeanor domestic violence charges. You can be held even longer in order to give the protected party a chance to make arrangements to remove things from the home and to find a safe place to stay.

These cases have to be arraigned by the magistrate. There is a protective order put out simply on the word of someone else. You don’t have a chance to refute anything and for approximately 60 days. This also means you back go back to your home during that time or contact any of these people in a way, they would perceive as being aggressive. The protective order can be made into a permanent protective order as well.

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