What Is The Importance Of Hiring An Attorney In A Divorce Case?

What Are The Biggest Reasons People Should Hire An Attorney Versus Trying To Do It Themselves?

I had a friend who was a teacher and a brilliant young lady. She did her own divorce, did everything, and over the years, she was always having to come back to court to tinker with it to fix something and so every time she had to go back to court, it opened up all the old wounds and for months afterwards, they couldn’t get along.

Also, while you know you’ll have to go back to court possibly for child support or for some changes in the portion dealing with the children, you should never have to really go back concerning the two of you, and that’s the reason you want to hire an attorney. If your spouse has an attorney, you don’t want to deal with that other lawyer. And if you don’t think the spouse has been reasonable, you definitely need a lawyer.

Why Should A Couple Hire Separate Divorce Attorneys Versus Hiring One Attorney?

You’re hiring somebody to look out for you and you alone, not to look out for the two of you. When an attorney is hired, they owe their ability, their loyalty, to one person. And when they go through the interview process, they get to know the person, it’s specifically tailored to the reaction of that one person. For instance, do you have any concerns? What do you want out of these proceedings? The answer is going to be different for both parties.

When someone has a meeting with a lawyer, they have to discover your skills, where you are going to live, what support network you have; those type of questions and answers. Clearly, the answers aren’t going to be the same for both, and so you need somebody to advocate your point of view to push your goals and your outcome.

That’s why you want your own lawyer; to ask things like whether you were the victim of domestic abuse, or are you somebody who is going to have to leave the job market to reenter the job market. Well, your husband may not want to pay for that or your wife may not want to pay for that, but here’s why you’re entitled to it.

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You are buying somebody’s faith and their loyalty to you to do the best they can for you, and you really can’t go without that. When you live in a world where so many people fall below the poverty line after divorce, this is like buying a house, truly a long term-decision that has many ramifications. Divorce is one of the most serious aspects that we deal with in our lives, and when that happens to more than 50 percent of the population who gets the divorce, you want somebody who is only looking out for you.

Do People Underestimate The Divorce Process, Both Emotionally And Financially?

Yes, they do. When people consult an attorney, it takes time to really establish a relationship. The whole process takes time before both the client and lawyer decide they are going to enter into an attorney/client relationship. They’re still going through the process of getting to know each other, the client discovering how he or she can best manage what the client needs. At some point, the attorney will just break it down to them.

What they’re looking at is marriage as X’s and O’s, it’s all about love, divorce is all about one’s zeros; it’s business. People often forget what the lawyer is going to do for them, they look at it and they want to trust their spouse to be fair. In the area of Central Texas, where Bobby Barina practices, there are so many different types of cases; they have the military, they have medical complexes, and then a short distance away they have the tech industries.

There are so many different benefits that they’re supposed to divide. The average person doesn’t know about that if they’re not getting the benefits, and they don’t know they are supposed to get a division of it and so they let that go because it was a simple divorce, and they didn’t want to pay somebody to ask these questions, they didn’t want to pay somebody to get in there and look this information up.

Their spouse may say, “Hey, I’ve been working here a year. Here is how much I have invested.” Well, what he didn’t tell you is what happens if he goes the next year and he gets more of a contribution. What is to be done then? There is no such thing as a simple divorce until you have all the information and that client can knowingly say these are the options, hear us out, perhaps I will take it.

There are also divorce cases where marriages last less than a year, so no community property has been bought. It’s a pretty quick process to run down a credit report to look up if the community card’s open revolving credit accounts and bank accounts and make a determination. But generally, there is not an easy divorce. In a divorce you make decisions only after knowing what all of your options are.

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